icarusWebMail Project

icarusWebMail is an open source WebMail, with POP3 and IMAP mailbox support, also supports APOP POP3/SSL POP3/TLS IMAP/SSL contacts lists from LDAP, anti-spam integration, Internationalization (by now es, en, fr), Filters, Drafts, Sent-Folder, Signature.

It is implemented with the Java Programming Language, using Java Servlets 2.4. So you need a servlets container like tomcat or resin to run it.

It software is intended to be used in organizations or enterprises that have their existing pop3 or imap and smtp servers, running with some security (SSL, TLS, etc.), and want have web access to it. Some webmails, come with their own servers and run in standalone mode, icarusWebMail come to live in your favorite web server like Apache (with the servlets container integration) or any other, serving to the users their existing Mailbox.

By now, the test is: configure it to download the messages from gmail (pop3/SSL, smtp/SSL and smtp/TLS) and have done it successfully.

Maybe you will want to go the project page, download the latest stable release and try it!

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Updated on 27, Mar 2006 14:53 VET